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Get Paid For Generating Electricity Using Feed In Tariffs For Renewable Energy

On 1st April 2010 the UK Government introduced the Feed In Tariff Scheme (FITS) to encourage home owners and businesses to generate their own sustainable energy through small scale generating technologies. The Government has committed to targets for reducing UK carbon emissions by 2020 and to help achieve these targets they are offering incentives to home owners and businesses to switch to renewable energy sources. As a result they will pay up to 21 pence per unit generated by Solar Electric Generating Systems - Photovoltaic systems for 25 years. The payments are tax free, index linked and paid by the Government under a 25 year contract - regardless of who is in power. The industry regulator Ofgem will administer the feed in tariff scheme and electricity suppliers will be responsible for making payment back to customers.

There is a limited time period to take advantage of the existing Feed In Tariff rates, the government intends to reduce the present rates at the end of June 2012. The good news is that once you are registered on the FIT Scheme your payment rate will not be reduced but will in fact rise annually with inflation.

To find out how your property can benefit from FITS contact us now for a free survey.

Reduce Costs And Carbon Emissions Using Solar Power - Solar Panels / Photovoltaic Panels

Solar panels, also referred to as photovoltaic panels, produce electricity from light. They recycle the energy produced by the sun and daylight and convert it into electricity. Photovoltaic panels will generate electricity in daylight hours regardless of whether the sun is out or not. Modern Energy Solutions uses a range of suppliers including: Kyocera solar panels, BP solar panels, Sharp solar panels, Sanyo panels, Schueco panels and CP solar, plus SMA Sunnboy, 'Mastervolt' and 'Fronius' inverters.

A special convertor located close to the solar panels converts the electricity into a form used by most homes and businesses. All the electricity generated by the photovoltaic system is recorded on a separate electricity meter which is used to calculate the amount of money the government owes you under the Feed In Tariff scheme (see above). The electricity you produce via the panels will reduce your consumption of electricity from your main supply and if you manage to generate more energy than you need, any unused energy can be fed into the national grid and you will receive an additional payment of 3 pence per unit (based on current rates and 50% usage).

Each solar system must be individually designed using government supplied Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculations and these figures will be used to work out the pay-back period on a case by case basis. The figures provide an indication of the payments likely to be received under the FITS scheme (see above).

FREE, No Obligation On Site Survey - The Process and Solar Panel Installation

Each Solar PV System is designed to your property's specific criteria, we do not install kits designed by someone else, specific Solar PV Design software is used to offer a choice of systems so that you may choose which is most suited to your requirements, we can offer advice where needed. 

As part of our free survey, we will visit your home and explain the whole process and how the system works, leaving you with a good understanding of what's involved and what you can expect both from us and the system. After the survey we will provide a fixed price quotation usually for a couple of systems, this will include the estimated annual yield using the Governments Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) calculation as well as the comparative estimations from our design software, this will help provide an indication of the financial benefits for that particular system and subsequently the estimated pay back period for the cost of the system.

If you accept the quotation and decide to proceed, on receipt of your order we will organise all of the equipment required and arrange a suitable installation date with you. All of our installations are carried out by our own qualified staff with care and consideration for your property and also your neighbours'. Once the system has been installed we will provide you with a Completion Folder containing all the information about the system, product warranty and guarantees and an MCS Installation Certificate, which will be required for any FIT application. We can also arrange for an Energy Performance Survey to be carried out if required.

For more information or to book your free survey please contact us.

Benefits Of Solar Panel Installation And Feed In Tariffs

  1. Year-round electricity supply from Photovoltaic Solar Panels
  2. Reduce fuel bills with Feed In Tariffs
  3. Switch to solar power and help reduce your carbon emissions
  4. Possibility to increase the future value of your home / business
  5. Contact Us for more information or to book a free survey
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